Many know me as the singer Miss Autumn Leaves, Teacher, Vocal coach,  MC, Designer, but are not  aware of my heart’s desire.  I want to share it with you. From the young age of 8th  I had  a dream to have a children home. My first thought was in Africa. I studied Agogic-Pedagogic institutional  Work with great success. On the age of 28th I felt that I need to do more than a nine to five job to accomplish my goal. I invested in my other talents to achieve enough finance. Going through life motions life went with ups & downs. Nowadays I still believe in my dream and know it will work out one day. Last year I accomplished the first step, my foundation in Africa. Knowing that I can not do it alone, I can use any help. I called this mission: "Ebby Drenthe God's Love Foundation“ because this is my dream to pass my heart, love, skills and talents to the less fortunate and the orphans. If you believe in my mission and you want to contribute bless your heart. “Adding a Stone” in Dutch language the saying is: “Steentje bij Dragen”  (To add a stone) Thank you for your compassion, time and love.



I will share my quote with you:

"I will keep on believing in the gift of love, joy and happiness.

I will keep on sharing my thoughts and my heart , being there for the hopeless, to give them hope. 

For the people in need, to be there for them. 

For those who are emotionally damaged by others, to show that I care. 

For the lonesome people, to be their friend. 

For the people who love to live life, have great hope in life, and bring joy and peace to all mankind.


“Black or white together, yellow or brown, whatever.  What difference does it make, or how hard it takes to accept a human, a man, or a woman. No matter what culture, no matter what race, we have to face, this is our world!” 


May God bless you indeed, and enlarge your territory, that His hand may be with you and stay upon you, and that He will keep you from evil, that may cause you pain!  Lots of love,


Ebby Drenthe





















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